Best Places in Montenegro for…

In Montenegro there is a great variety of good places. Montenegro hotels, country houses and just private sector are especially good. Besides comfortable hotels in Montenegro, of course, there is a mass of sights which surely should be seen. But which of them the best? And why one place can be considered as the best in comparison with another? Let’s go, best places in Montenegro…

The best places in Montenegro for nudists

Of course, Ada Bojana! Ada Bojana is an island in the Ulcinj Municipality in Montenegro. The name Ada means island in Turkish. The sandy beach of almost 4 kilometers, without clothes and restrictions.

Best places in Montenegro: Ada Bojana, Montenegro

The local sand has healing properties, a swimming season lasts from late April to early November. Back in 1973 on the island appeared nudist village, which successfully operates today. Now the village can accommodate about a thousand people.

The best “green” place in Montenegro

One of the best places in Montenegro is… Herceg Novi. Montenegro is rich with flora, but this city was entitled the Botanical garden of Montenegro. And not without reason. About hundred species of tropical and subtropical plants, and also various types of a mimosa grow in the luxurious park of Herceg Novi.

Herceg Novi, Montenegro

In February, celebrate the Mimosa national holiday. Not far from Herceg Novi is located Blue Cave (Bay of Kotor) and Zhanits beach, surrounded by olive groves.

The best ancient place in Montenegro

Of course, many of the best places in Montenegro are ancient. Surely, you have heard of the Montenegrin Bar, about the city, the historical part of which is in the open air is spread over 4 hectares.

Bar, Montenegro

Next to the old Bar growing one of the most “ancient” olive trees in the world, age – 2000 years! Among other antiquities of Bar – flooded yacht of King Nikola, the German cruiser “Forvertts” and the Austro-Hungarian destroyer.

The best royal place in Montenegro

Truly royal – Milocer. Once the resort served as the residence of kings, now the residence of the President of Montenegro. Magnificent scenery town Milocer associated with a lot of pine trees that grow in the city.

Milocer is a paradise for fans of family-friendly, lazy days with picnics and sandcastles. The only warning: the prices here too royal.

The best place for adventures in Montenegro

Next is the best places in Montenegro for adventures. Perast – a city of sailors. To this day, there is felt the spirit of the time of discovery, it is believed that in Perast once inhabited by pirates.

Perast, Montenegro

The city is constantly developing sailing: in the 18th century, Peter the Great sent here his best students, that they have learned the craft of the Sea. Lovers of antiques and adventure completely appreciate the atmosphere of Perast.

The best “versatile” place in Montenegro

This Ulcinj. Let me explain why. This city can truly be counted among the cohort of the sunniest. But it affects not only the number of sunny days, but also for its diversity. The best way to notice it – go to the local market, the exotic oriental bazaar that combines the features of East and West.

Ulcinj, Montenegro

City during its existence belonged to the Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Turks. What is displayed on the architecture: the ruins of SvaДЌ; Pasha Mosque; Palace Balsica; Venetian palace. Such sights worth seeing.

The best therapeutic place in Montenegro

Definitely Igalo. The most known health resort in the state. It was founded back in 1382 by the Bosnian king Tvartko I. To this day the Local Institute of Physical Therapy and Prevention of Simo Milosevic is visited by the tourists wishing to revitalize a body and soul.

Igalo, Montenegro

Also in Igalo there is a Center of traditional Chinese medicine, the Eminent Center of Health and Rest, modern dental clinic, the center of beauty.

We hope that now you know everything about best places in Montenegro. Wish you a best rest in Crna Gora.