Blue Cave (Plava Spilja) in Montenegro

Blue Cave, or Montenegrin “Plava Spilja”, is an amazing natural attraction in Montenegro and one of the most beautiful and largest caves in the territory of Kotor Bay. This unusual name the cave has received for interesting visual effect in clear day sunshine, refracting in transparent sea water, paint grotto walls in the blue flickering color.

Blue Cave (Plava ЕЎpilja) in Montenegro

This is a great place is a grotto, which was formed thanks to the waters of the sea. Steep rocks were eroded by water from Boka bay so that the cave was formed under them. Today, this natural attraction tend to visit all the tourists, vacationers in Montenegro.

Location: Blue Cave is located on the peninsula Lustica between Golden harbor and Mala Gora bay at a distance of 6 nautical miles from Herceg Novi. The Plava Spilja cave can only be reached by sea.

To get to the Blue cave is possible only by sea. Both entrances to the cave is located right in the cliff from the open sea, at an angle of 45 degrees from each other. The area of the cave is about 300 square meters, depth – 3,4 meters, height of the water level to the top of the dome – 9 meters.

The dimensions of the inlet openings are quite large – up to 4 meters high and 15 meters wide, which allows boats to swim freely in the cave and move within.

Blue Cave (Plava Spilja) is a popular entertainment for tourists in Montenegro. Sea taxi and private boats regularly go to a Blue Cave. You can get there from the coast of Herceg Novi and the beaches Zanjice and Mirista.

How much does it cost?

A ticket to this place costs about 3 euros.

The boat sails to a cave just a few minutes, and numerous cruise ships specially make a stop in front of the Blue Grotto to their passengers were able to visit this beautiful natural phenomenon and even swim in it.

Best time to visit?

Local residents are advised to sail to the Blue Cave before lunch. It is considered that in time before lunchtime Plava Spilja is especially beautiful.

Swim in a cave allowed. Bathing in the Blue Cave, according to many witnesses, reminiscent of immersion in the blue enveloping atmosphere. This visual effect is due to a combination of many shades of blue – the color of sea water and reflection of sunlight on the walls of caves.

As a result of this, cave (as soon as eyes adjusted to the darkness) begins to glow and shine with a soft blue – a magical spectacle that it is almost impossible to describe in words.

Blue Cave (Plava Spilja) is truly a magical place. You have to visit it to experience the atmosphere of blue lights, mysterious and extraordinary natural beauty.