Display Things on your hand using Eskin technology

Yes don’t get shocked after seeing the above image as it shows that you can display things on your hand using the newly developed e skin technology. There has been research in Japan for the E skin technology which lets you display things on your body. Although there has been success in display the digits on 7 segment display.

I must mention that this is not that new, there were previous versions of it which were having some issues with their weight, flexibility and sustainability. Thus Organic electronics is introduced in making this e skin which is better than Inorganic one (consisting of Silver and gold) in terms of flexibility and weight. This lead to reduction in the size of eskin to 3 micrometers which is even smaller than the size of your hair. This eskin can now withstand longer in comparison to the earlier version which could only last for few hours and was useless if you fold your hand.

The earlier eskin was not durable because it couldn’t withstand more than hours in air and presence of water vapour. This durability issue was solved with the alternating layers of inorganic silicon oxynitride and organic parylene by Tokyo researchers. The tokyo researchers think that they can revolutionize the way we use Screens by this technology.

This e skin can revolutionize our lives in the way that, in the near future mobile phone can be replaced with E skin. They future can also be seen where we would be displaying images or operating our mobile phone with their screen on our hands. Due to its large applications ,there are various researches going on this like use of heat energy of body for powering this Eskin.

I hope that this Eskin comes earlier and i could throw away my old phone.