Durmitor National Park: Miracle in Montenegro

Durmitor is a real miracle of the nature in Montenegro. On huge space stretches the ancient woods, mountains, lakes, the rivers and mountain meadows.

Famous Black Lake in Durmitor Park

Somewhere here are small villages in which people live almost as well as many hundreds years ago, without changing centuries-old way. Durmitor is surely included into my list of the most interesting sights of Montenegro.

Visit of this place has completely changed my understanding about Montenegro as I saw absolutely other country almost not touched by a hand of a man.

Beautiful lake in Durmitor National Park

How to reach Durmitor?

You can reach Durmitor by public transport or by rental car. To be honest, I wouldn’t advise you to rent a car in Montenegro. Some roads here are very difficult and dangerous, a must have lot of experience of driving in mountains.

Location on Google Map

If nevertheless you plan to go to Durmitor by the car, I advise you to take the car with a powerful engine and not too big. More often do stops to take a little rest.

The national park is in the northwest of Montenegro and occupies the space about 390 square km.

In Durmitor you can find a cozy houses of locals

From the coast to the Park about 4-5 hours journey by the car. And 6 or 7 hours if you wish to stop more often to see the beautiful Montenegro. But, once again, roads in Montenegro are very difficult and steep. Many tunnels, which are practically without light, and twisting serpentines create additional danger.

Theoretically it is possible to reach Durmitor also by public transport: take the bus from Budva or Kotor to Zabljak. But consider, that goes only one bus twice a day, so it is better to buy tickets in advance. In this park I would advise you to spent several days. Approximate route to national park you can see on the map below:

Route from Budva to Zabljak

Sights of the Durmitor park

National Park is under protection of UNESCO and is included in the list of objects of the world heritage at number 100. These natural sights and territories are a part of the park:

– mountain massif;
– the most beautiful canyon of the Tara River, the second in the world by size after Grand Canyon (USA) and, perhaps, the most beautiful;
– Draga Canyon and Sušica Canyon;
– Komarnica Canyon/

Also Durmitor includes such cities as Zabljak (popular ski resort), Mojkovac, Pljevlja, Pluzine and Savnik.

Lake in the National Park Durmitor

In the park about two-tens the most beautiful lakes formed after the termination of Ice Age. In the majority of lakes water very pure, you can drink without the slightest risk. Local lakes very beautiful, especially those that as if have got lost highly in mountains. It is a pity, most of tourists has no opportunity to visit them.

The most visited lake in the Durmitor is the Black lake. It is closest lake to the park edge. By the car or by bus you will be able to drive up practically to the lake, only you will need to walk about 15 minutes. Black lake is very deep. Locals says that it stores the ancient monastery in its depth.

Durmitor - Nature miracle in Montenegro

View from mountains on National Park

You must see these amazing lakes by own eyes

View on Boka Kotorska Bay from the mountains

View on the Boka Kotorska Bay

It should be noted that park is huge. During short visit you won’t manage to see neither high local mountains, nor got lost in the depth of park of lakes. If you have time and finance allows, we advise to come to Durmitor separately and to live here at least several days.