Interesting Facts About Finland

Finland could never boast of huge mineral deposits and a favorable climate. But we will tell you some interesting facts about Finland.

7 Interesting Facts About Finland

The history of this state, too, can not be called too easy and safe. Nevertheless, today it is one of the advanced countries, which has repeatedly sought the title of the most favorable for habitation.

1. Independence

Facts about Finland, we’ll start with their independence. Finland gained independence in December 1917. Before that, the country is ruled by the first Sweden and then Russia. During the first few decades of the existence of a young country went through a civil war, three wars with the Soviet Union, and then entered the Second World War.

2. Country of a thousand lakes

In Finland, which is often called the country of a thousand lakes, there are about 190,000 closed natural bodies of water.

Finland - country of a thousand lakes

In addition, on its territory there are 179 584 islands. No country in the world can boast of a similar amount.

3. Coffee

Finland is one of the leading places in the world for the consumption of coffee (according to some estimates – the first). Every year residents of this country drink on 12 kilograms of coffee.

It’s just an incredible figure, considering that in such traditionally “coffee” country as Brazil, the coffee consumed is almost twice less. It’s not the first but one of the best facts about Finland.

4. Santa Claus

The population of Finland on January 31, 2015 was 5,475,450 people. One of the residents is a Santa Claus, the official address of which is as follows:

Santa Claus
Santa Claus Main Post Office
FI-96930 Arctic Circle

If you have not sent a letter asking for a gift, you should hurry.

5. Welfare reform

Currently in Finland developed welfare reform. It involves the introduction of the country’s “unconditional income,” that is a kind of non-taxable minimum amount that will receive all adult residents of the country without any additional conditions.

It is expected that this amount will be 800 euros per month. Instead, the government plans to abolish rather cumbersome and complicated system of social benefits.

6. Clean water

In Finland, you can quite happily drink water straight from the tap. 80% of the water in Finland is classified as extremely clean.

A few years ago, the Committee on Water Resources at the United Nations has recognized the tap water in Finland, the purest in the world.

7. Tips

In Finland, not customary to leave a tip. Typically, the cost of maintenance is included in the price, and no one expects you to any additional incentives. However, if you do decide to leave a tip, the staff will be very happy.