Google’s Project Ara: new dimension to the world of mobile phones

Have you ever heard of a concept that if you want to increase your phone’s ram then you can get it increased or you may have heard of anything like hta if you want to replace your Screen with HD display. Yes the days are near to it, with the upcoming technology of modular phones (Google’s Project Ara), you can do this all. It means that you can get you phone specifications changed.

Project Ara would be just doing the work of transforming phone into pc like device, in which we can upgrade components. The sole purpose of this project was to minimize the electronic wastes. The electronics device are not meant to last long, after they has been used for years, their all components are thrown away. If we have this Modular concept then we could replace the wifi, sound system, battery of our phone. This could also mean that if you want the Hd display, you friend wants you large sound system then you both can exchange each of yours component, thereby waste would be reduced as one’s junk can act as gold for someone else.

Limitations of Project Ara

But there are quite limitations to this concept, there is basic principle for electronic devices that if you increase the distance between the chips then it speed would get decrease by a some extent, and if you are in serting various components then it would not only decrease speed as well increase the power make this concept succesfull, there would be required a poiwerful bse on which these parts are attached to match the speed requirements.

Development in Project Ara

According to the developer, it would take 10 years for this project to come into realities, Although Google’s Project Ara is initiative to this project. They have been successful in their project on the day of 30th march they showed with the endoskeleton on which parts can be replaced as per user requirement which would reduce the cost and enhance the customization as per owner’s demand.

Release Date of Project Ara

Project Ara is assumed to Release in this year with the budget of $100. This is a must try phone, which is upcoming revolution mobile phone industry where the user becomes the manufacturer of the product.

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