How to fix CPU Fan Noise Problem at Home?

Generally when any problem comes to our electronic devices, we rush to the technician and pay a huge amount of fees to them. This is what is meant to happen because Ordinary People don’t what is the Reason behind this noise. They reach to the Technician, who might replace it and charge you a lot. Well the problem with the fan making Noise is due to Dust present in it.

Dust present on the blades of the fan produces the friction with the air which then produces Noise. Cleaning the blades o, junk present on which was slowing down and producing noise would remove all the problems.

For removing the dust, It requires opening the case of the Laptop and taking out the Fan from the laptop and then opening the Case of that, then removing the Dust.

I will be showing you the method to open you Laptop and taking out the Case of the Fan and cleaning that.

  • Shut Down your Laptop.
  • Open the Screws of you Laptop using Screwdriver.