How to make Lemon Spray

How to make Lemon Spray without Squeezing.

These days nearly 90% of the population uses the Perfume but Companies who produce Perfumes don’t make Perfume which are safe and low cost. The Perfumes made by companies are said to affect our body parts, today I will be telling you the how to make a spray at home which is low cost as well as natural means it will not affect your health anyhow. If you are thinking of a method that first you have to squeeze lemons and then transfer the juice of that into your spray bottle then it’s not that. It’s especially for those who don’t want to squeeze lemons.

Things Required

  • Lemon
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Syringe


  1. Take the perfume bottle of any size.
  2. Take out the Spraying mechanism from it.
  3. Cut the Length of the tube if it is long.
  4. Take the Syringe you brought.
  5. Cover the Tube of Spray bottle with the syringe body.
  6. Now your Spraying mechanism is ready.
  7. Cut the Lemon from the top of it and make a circle over it.
  8. Insert the Spraying mechanism into the lemon.
  9. Your Lemon Spray is ready.

You can also attach other citrus fruits like orange, Strawberry etc. If you do it properly then it would be a nice material to showcase to your wife.