How to use dual whatsapp accounts in a single phone

Whatsapp is on fire these in terms of social media. Whatsapp which was earlier only used for sending messages to each other has now become one of the largest social media network. The upcoming of the features like Sending Documents and making call make it even more useful.

The Whatsapp has an unusual popularity in spite of amount of the features they provide. The whatsapp lacks so many features like we can’t send files of large size. It doesn’t support video calls neither it did support voice calls or sharing documents as so it doesn’t support the feature of running dual whatsapp in a single phone.

Here is the awesome post to run dual Whatsapp on your Android Device. This solution doesn’t even require rooting or those long Procedures where you have to have some supernatural skills to understand that. We will be learning how to run dual whatsapp on your android device using OGwhatsapp.

Steps to Run dual whatsapp on your device

This method for Non-Rooted phones to run different whatsapp account on your device, Just Follow these Steps:

1. Take the backup of your whatsapp chat data so that you may not lose that.

2. Go to Settings, Application Manager, Downloaded Apps, Whatsapp.

3. Clear the data of your WhatsApp app.

4. Go to SD Card / Device Storage (wherever your WhatsApp folder is located ), rename the WhatsApp Folder to “OGWhatsApp ” Just add OG in front of it.

5. Unistall you official Whatsapp app.

6. Download ogwhatsapp apk from from here (it is not available on playstore).

7. Install the ogwhatsapp apk and use it with your old phone no.

8. Now insall the official WhatsApp app from Playstore and enter you new phone no.

9. Get the verification for your nee no done and enjoy using two whatsapp accounts on a single phone.

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