Insect Spy Drone: insect sized drone

Do you know that drones were first developed in 1980. Since then Drones has been fascinating, we like the way they fly and the way we can control their movements. Drones were meant to be used in military purpose but after reducing their cost and complexity, their Commercial Uses were found.

Today I am going to share an awesome post with you regarding Insect Spy Drone which is an Insect Sized Drone.

According to the news from John Hopkins University, an insect sized drone has been developed which can perform variety of tasks like taking DNA Sample, Clicking photograph. This insect Spy Drone has been developed by John Hopkins University in partnership with US Air force. The US Air force has laid emphasis on this by seeing its potential in military aspects. This insect sized drone can be used as Swarm weapon against enemies as well it can be used to take intel with help of its recording and photography skills.

The Insect Spy Drone carries capabilities more than any other drone developed yet. It drone can travel up to large distances & so can sit on your skin and go with you to your home. It carries interesting features like it can take DNA Samples of your body and then fly off. Especially if you are looking for criminal then you can bring this drone to work. This is one of the major aspects of the drone that how could such a small thing take DNA sample. If the drone is to take DNA Sample then there would be a burning sensation on your skin at the bite location of it.

As we have already discussed toxicating capabilities of our beloved Insect Spy Drone. It can insert toxic chemical into the enemy’s blood hence it can be used as a fighter drone in military. Yet we still don’t that how much chemical would it be able to hold and how many enemies could be harmed with the help of that.

The most important use of drone we are seeing these days is use of it with camera. Yes don’t be amazed after listening that this Insect Spy drone also carries Camera with it. The addition of microphone act as the Icing on the Cake. This drone is able record conversations that is what used for gaining intel.

Well up till now, I have discussed unimaginable qualities and features of the Insect Spy drone, there are some other views about it. According to some Aerodynamics and robotics expert, This concept is not possible they added “It’s not like you are compressing a large machine to smaller machine“.

I don’t have any real photographs or its working (for nerds), but if i get I will certainly post it. To keep receiving updates of our Posts like our Facebook page.