Iphone 7S Rumors

Forget the 6S, Future lies inside the 7S. Iphone 6S released in the December Last Year and its only 3 months, We have Started talking about Iphone 7S. What are you Expectations about Iphone 7S? Will it be having Extended Ram, Screen Resolution or it might be thinner?

Release Date

Iphone 7S is expected to launch somewhat later, as Apple has shifted its Release Date. Its launch Date has been kept secret by the company. It is expected to arrive in the summer of the next year. For those who are Iphone lovers, they can start saving their pocket-money to Buy this phone.


For the part of design and its simplicity, Iphone has been popular in market. While last year its design was changed a lot, from I phone 5s having Box shape structure was transformed into having round curves and changing its thickness from 6.9 mm to 7.1 mm. The new Iphone is expected to beat its predecessor in terms of design by making it slim. It’s expected that Iphone 7S will be 1 mm slimmer than its predecessor ones.

Removed Headphone Jack

You might be wondering that now you will not be able to Listen songs through your iPhone. It is true that upcoming model will not be having Headphone Jack, Company has replaced the headphone Jack with the lightening Jack which would be used to both provide Audio Output as well as Charging . This the revolutionary thing, we would be seeing in the market. Apple might me making a big move by releasing this feature.

Hardware Upgrades

The Iphone is known to not Supporting External Storage Cards, But the needs of the users have changed. As we have moved from simple avi to Ultra HD videos, there is a lot more requirement of the Storage. So the company has decide to put forward its 256 GB model apart from 64 GB, 32 Gb.

RAM plays a vital role in Providing Improved Gaming Experience. This time, the phone might carry 3 GB RAM in spite from 2 GB which was offered in the previous year model.

There might be Battery Up gradations too as it is moving to six core processor, it would probably move from A9 battery to A 10 battery as required by the processor.

Camera Upgrades

We all know that It’s 8 Megapixel camera can beat any other smartphone’s camera having twice improved pixel quality. Well it is coming with dual lens system which would give 3D quality images, more accurate positioning.

Noise Cancellation

Company has been silent about features of the upcoming phone. But it has been confirmed that the phone will be having inbuilt Noise cancellation feature.

Apart from all these it will be having a special touch which would led users to use touch screen with wet hands.