Android Marshmallow Features

Here is the google’s Android Marshmallow. Android Marshmallow is considered to be the biggest Upgrade to the Android due to the many newly introduced features. It has improved the Google now to a higher level, USB type C support has been introduced, New clock design and several other features which attract the customers to upgrade to it .Why u Should Upgrade to it?

Here are new launched Features.

Newly Designed App Menu

Google has transformed its old app menu to the new one. Previously its menu contained apps on the pages which were to be swiped horizontally, the new menu requires apps to be swiped vertically. I would not like to say its a new design as the concept of this menu is same to that was used in Windows phone. I find this one quite attracting as now the apps are easier to find when you have of apps.


It has been time we have been watching time on clock in a old fashioned way. Now the Marshmallow has laid upgraded its clock. There is Date written in Bold characters under the time. You can also design a custom Message to be shown under the clock.

Battery Saving

Battery Saving feature has been upgraded to next level by introducing a feature of marking important apps. The previous version itself marked the important apps and during Battery saving mode it eliminated non-important apps.

Finger Print Scanning

Although Fingerprint scanner came into phone a lot earlier but companies had to introduce their Codes to get the execution done. There also required some tampering with Android Version.

Google has finally launched this feature in its Operating System. This feature would be reflected in the upcoming Nexus models.

Upgraded Google Now

New Google Now has some new features introduced in it to be called as perfect digital Assistant. It can launched by saying ‘Ok Google‘ on Homescreen.

Google Now can also interact while u are working with other apps. For Example, You are using Whatsapp, you typed name of a restaurant then Google Now will show u the info that Restaurant by searching for it on Internet.

New Settings

Setting has improved to a much greater extent, Now you will be monitoring what apps are doing in Background with your permitted things. Like now an app will seek permission from you when it is using camera.

Previously once you have given them Permission, they could use those things like Contacts, Messages, Sound any time. But this time it is Restricted.

USB Type C Support

Well we know USB type C has been launched, But what will we do with it. The thing is that it enables the faster charging. The new USB will be transmitting about 40x power of the current USB.


This is the completely new feature although it focuses on the the Battery Saving but in a new way. This optimizes when your device is on rest and it minimizes the no of the apps running. Although it is considered as a simple mechanism but as per Google they have tested it on Nexus 9 and says that it has made the device to lasts its Battery twice longer.

Pay Now Feature

It enables you to pay at stores using NFC like feature same feature that apple has. This is safe as it doesn’t sends your real Credit Card or Debit Card data, it uses the virtual no to make the Transactions.

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