Microsoft’s HoloLens: VR Headsets

These days Virtual reality Headsets is commonly discussed term. They are new in terms of technological update and hence with the upcoming of VR headset with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, they became even more popular. Microsoft has also been working on its Virtual Reality Headsets called HoloLens and Now It has been launched for developers at whopping price of $3000. Let’s look at the specifications of this so called beautiful product.

Here are Specifications for upcoming Hololens.

Display of HoloLens

Hololens is expected to have display of 720p or 1080p or it might have 4k Display. As the product has been under developments, It is not confirmed whether it will have 4k display or not for sure. According to a developer who got the developer Halo product, he experienced its’s display is only centred to his eyes not to whole sight oc vision. It means you won’t have display in you whole area of sight which is a major drawback of the Product uptill now, but as it is under developments, so it might be upgraded.

Processor of HoloLens

The Holographic Processing Unit of The HoloLens will have to transmit the TeraBytes of Data of its Sensor moreover HoloLens is considered to be Wireless therby, it is having its’s own built in windows 10 system. The recent collaborations of Microsoft with Intel shows that it may be acquiring intel’s newly launched proccessor: Intel atom .Intel atom is considered to be a powerful processor which could handle the complicated stuff involved withinh Hololens.

Sensor Used in HoloLens

  • accelerometer
  • gyroscope
  • magnetometer
  • four-microphone
  • an ambient light sensor
  • photographic video camera

For VR Headsets, one major people find is that they are not comfortable to wear. But the Hololens it something new. It’s rig helps it to adjust around you eyes, there are also sensors attached to it which track the movement of your eyeballs and to measure movement of your head to properly adjust it for you. Even before using Hololens for first time you need to get your distance between pupils measured.

Uses of It

It can used to Control you Windows 10 apps, It would be a amazing to have you apps located in front of your eyes and then operate them. It will project the Screen of you PC into the front wall, although it has been intelligently developed to not to project the images over humans so you need not take out those if a person comes to talk to you.

It can also be used as a educational tool, as you can direct assistance from a person, he can see what you are seeing right now. For example: you need assistance from a mechanic fort which screw to open, instead of explaining this and that he can see what you are seeing at that moment from an app, while simultaneously you can talk with that person.

Well, we have been aware of the gaming Experience on VR Headsets with Sony and Samsung. Microsoft is also putting its hand forward to launch it’s Headset for gaming where you would be able to play games launched for XBOX specifically. But the cost for it is 4 times high than that of a Xbox. It is like you buy a Car, expense fof its fuel is more than that of your car.

Well if you are in mood to watch cricket match while you are cooking, you can use Hololens to do it for you. It can also help you to ask your wife to help you cook.