Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro

Being one of the famous sights in the country of Montenegro, the Ostrog Monastery annually attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to the country. It is the operating man’s monastery which is cut down in the steep rock at the height about 900 meters above sea level.

The Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro

Thanks to uniqueness of architecture of the monastery and a location, the Ostrog Monastery represents a symbol of true faith and purity of spirit as if a guiding star it is visible from far away at any time. Vasily Ostrozhsky is considered the founder of the monastery, the glory about his religious activity is known far outside Montenegro.

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The Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro, as a symbol of a deep-seated faith of the founder

Saint Vasily (a real name Stojan Yovanovich) was born in 1610 in a family of the believing parents. At early age the boy has stepped into a way of service to God. There he has passed the way so well-deserved that by his righteous life he have deserved sincere respect of contemporaries and worship of descendants.

In hard times when the Ottoman Empire has extended the influence on the Balkans, orthodox priests suffered persecution. Vasily supported the people not only by means of a sacred prayer, but also helped patients and persons in need. He also took part in construction of churches.

Religious people in the monastery

Incorruptible relics of Saint Vasily are stored in one of churches of the monastery to this day. They are considered as one of the main relics of the Montenegro people. A great number of pilgrims, Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Muslims, come to bow to St. Vasily Ostrozhsky’s relics and to ask healings.

Here wonderfully recover not only patients with a body problems, but also who has a sick soul. Everyone leaves the message to the Saint, placing paper leaflets in free cracks in the rock.

Montenegro, Ostrog Monastery is the place that curing a body and soul

The Ostrog Monastery isn’t among the most ancient in Montenegro, but is most known far outside the country. The first mountain caves where now the building of the monastery is located, hermits have occupied that and in prayers carry out their lonely life.

The Ostrog Monastery consists of two parts: Upper Monastery and Lower Monastery. They are divided by the long road passing through the wood, length is about 5 km. Pilgrims nevertheless use more often the pedestrian road which can be overcome in 20-25 minutes. In the lower monastery relics of the 15-year-old boy Saint new martyr Stanko to whom Turks have cut hands for the fact that he didn’t want to let go a sacred Cross are based.

In the upper part there are most important sights of the Ostrog monastery, it is built in a rocky niche at the height of 900 m above sea level. Two small churches are a part of the top part: Vvedenskaya Church of the maiden Maria and Krestovozdvizhenskaya church. Vvedenskaya Church is known that here Saint Vasily Ostrozhsky has spent 15 years in prayers.

Lower Ostrog Monastery

The amazing facts about a Montenegro’s Ostrog Monastery

Thanks to the monastery the great variety of surprising legends goes about the country Montenegro as the Ostrog annually receives guests from around the world. Persons interested to enjoy water from the curative source of holy water located in the territory of the monastery.

Water spreads in bottles and is distributed free of charge to all pilgrims. The surprising facts from history of Montenegro demonstrate that only thanks to a miracle in certain cases it was possible to rescue the main relic of the country. In 1714 the Turkish commander Numan-pasha has passed across the territory of the country, burning everything on the way. Monks of the Ostrog Monastery have managed to hide relics of the Saint, having dug them on the Zlata river bank.

In 1852 Omer Pasha has burned the Ostrog, but the brother of the Montenegro prince has slip through Turkish groups with one hundred soldiers at night and has carried away relics in Cetinje. All because Saint Vasily has made group of the prince invisible. Also the legend says that when the Saint has reached the end of the course of life and have betrayed soul to God in 1671, from the rock where there was his cell, the grapevine has grown.

Road to the Ostrog Monastery

Also the event which has taken place in 1942 is considered surprising. When Germans fired at the monastery and have thrown a shell into the room of the monastery, it has broken up into two parts, but hasn’t become torn. This shell is in the monastery now and serves as the proof of the foremost miracle of Saint Vasily Ostrozhsky.