Reflex: Smartphone that can bend

Well, These days a lot of smartphones are being released. There is one new member to this list, The smartphone that I am going to introduce you today is somewhat special. Its name is ReFlex.

Reflex has special feature of Bending. Yes you heard right, this smartphone is able to Bend right-left as per your choice so there is no more breaking. If you think that Smartphone has got Bending feature just for its style then ou are wrong, Bending feature is something else than what you think. Lets check out feature of ReFlex.

It is the recent development by Human Media Lab of Queen’s University.

Here are some of things that we have got to know from its Director and our Sources.

You can flip pages of your Pdf or Word Document just by Bending your ReFlex. It also enables you to speed up the movement of your pages by Bending it tighter or could also reduce the speed by releasing it.

The company has also added some more features like controlling apps with it. Now Apps can also be controlled with the help of just Bending your ReFlex. This could eliminate our old way of swiping our finger across to reach to an app (which i would surely want).

There can be infinite possibilities with an development of a new thing, Same can be done with this bending feature. The creativity becomes more interesting when it combines the fun. I am talking about the integration of games with ReFlex. There is good news that, you will be able to play Angry Birds in a completly new which you would not have thought. You may just bend your phone to take a sling short, thus no need to change the view.

To give the proper feeling of Bending , there is also a feature of Vibration during Bending , to make it feel like a Rubber band.

I am eagerly waiting for this concept to arrive, Let’s Hope it arrives soon.

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