Robohon: The cutest smartphone you will ever see in future

Check out this latest video of Robohon released by Shark organisation. This Video shows the features and possibilities of Robohon. You can see robohon listening, following your instructions and even copying your dance steps. The robohon can answer your calls, read you mails, assist you while driving. It can walk (the only smartphone you will encounter to be moving with the help of its legs).

This year a lot of smartphone came and go. The one who made noise were Smasung Galaxy S7 edge and many of you were to buy that phone because of its look but you would regret that why didn’t you see Robohon. This cute little robot looking smartphone has capabilities of moving as well as preforming tasks of your present smartphone.

Robohon is a robot looking smartphone device. It was announced by the Sharp this year at a whopping price of $1800. The smartphone carries various capabilities like Amazon Echo which can tell you weather and news, but it is far ahead of that. This Robot looking smartphone can walk like a robot and simultaneously be used as a smartphone. It could read emails, play music, use as a camera and can assist you while driving moreover you could call it as you friend after using its voice assistance.

Specifications of Robohon

Robohone like other smartphone carries the camera above its head and you can voicely command to take selfies with it.The camera is 2 Mega Pixel only but one thing that fascinates is it would say cheese before clicking your pic which would be as awesome to hear. Robohon is so smart that if it senses you crying in your pic it would say you ”It’s Ok” what more you could expect from your phone.

In the video release by the robohone manufacturer Sharp, it can be seen that Robohon can be used as a projector as well. The projector can be located at the top of its Camera. If you are to deliver your presentations, you can take your robot friend with you. The projector can display images, movies or deliver presentations worth of 720 pixels quality (which is good enough).

It contains 16GB of internal space some of you which you would be comfortable if you are familiar with 16Gb Iphone. It has micro Usb Port above its head for charging. There is also Sim port provide for you little cute thing at its right.

Robohone contains in total 14 motors for its movement. There are motors at its hinges of hand and legs for enabling arm movement plus it can move in forward and backward direction.

Why Should you buy robohon rather than a Iphone?

One of the main reason you would purchase a $1,800 Robohon can be of its friendliness. Robohone can talk with you and read emails for you or perform actions based on your commands. It can tell you your whole schedule just by wishing him good morning. If you like cute things then you should surely choose it because of its friendliness, specifications.

It will be released at 16th of May of this year in Japan by Sharp. If you are from outside of JAPAN then I must say sorry that you could just enjoy watching its videos or specifications only. The Japanese manufacture Sharp is known to release its product in its home country JAPAN only.