Tara River Canyon: Admiration of Montenegro

Before we begin to speak about the Tara River Canyon, it would be desirable to note that the nature is an amazing architect. Nature’s creations are fine and unique, sometimes shapeless and unclear, but always cause sincere and genuine admiration of a real connoisseurs.

Tara River Canyon in Montenegro

In spite of the fact that the modern man by means of machines and mechanisms is capable to create a lot of things, it is hard to compare to skill and the imagination of the nature. The Tara river canyon in Montenegro is one of the such fantastic and improbable creations.

Tara is the longest waterway of this small Balkan country. Its extent makes about 144 km, the area of the pool is 1850 square km. The river has received the name from the ancient Illyrian tribe of “autariata” which inhabited in these edges in the IV-V century of century AD.

View from the mountain on the Tara River Canyon

Most part of the Tara river clamped between high rocks. The character of her watercourse with rifts and whirlpools and only closer to the place of merge to Piva becomes quiet and slow. In the summer the river of malachite color and its water even during the strongest heat bear the refreshing cool. Water temperature seldom exceeds a mark 12-15°C.

The majestic Tara River Canyon is the deepest in Europe (1300 m) and the second in the world after the Great canyon of Colorado (USA). If you never heard the song of wind giving an echo in stony crests or didn’t see as after a rain in depths of a canyon white fluffy clouds are formed, then you certainly should visit Tara River Canyon. This unforgettable show!

Look how is amazing this place in autumn

Along Tara there are a lot of destroyed remains of Turkish sentry points, as till 1912 the river was like a border between the Ottoman Empire and Montenegro. And the main architectural and historical sight, certainly, is the well-known openwork bridge “Đurđevića Tara Bridge”.

Bridge built in 1937 and was in due time the only transport artery connecting the North and the South of Montenegro. The bridge’s height is 150 meters and it has five arches with a total length of 370 meters.

Bridge through a canyon

The most interesting thing, that canyon with its numerous caves, flora and fauna still not investigated in many respects and waits for the discoverers.

How to reach the Tara River Canyon?

It is easy to visit sight independently or using service of travel agency. At an independent trip it is optimum to adhere to the following routes.

By bus from Mojkovac

At first you need to arrive to the city of Mojkovac by the regular bus, and then by a taxi you can reach a terminal point.

By bus from Zabljak

This resort is closest to a canyon. To here buses go from Podgorica, Nikšić, Danilovgrad, Šavnik and Pljevlja. But it is worth taking into consideration that this type of public transport of Zabljak city follows on schedule, several times in a day.

For example, the bus Nikšić-Zabljak goes from station at 7:10, 10:50, 15:05, 17:20 and 18:00. The road will take about 2,5 hours, and the cost of the ticket about 7 euros.

Malachite color of the Tara River

Some places of the river are quite and slow

By car from Nikšić

It is necessary to follow on Nikšić-Zabljak road. Also, it is possible to use service of travel agencies, however the majority of excursions will have complex character and will take the whole day.