The Boka Kotorska bay: the largest bay of the Adriatic Sea

The Boka Kotorska bay is the largest bay in all Adriatic Sea. It has been formed in the destroyed river canyon which has left under water as a result of tectonic processes.

The Boka Kotorska bay: the largest bay of the Adriatic Sea

The Boka Kotorska bay is populated since antiquity. Today this place unique in every respect tremendous natural panoramas of the gulf are supplemented with existence on its coast of the ancient medieval cities, which bearing important historical and cultural value.

Location of the Boka Kotorska bay

Location: northern part of the Montenegro coast, in the territory of municipalities: Kotor, Tivat and Herceg-Novi.

Boka Kotorska bay on the map

Some tourist guide books publicize that the bay is “the most southern fjord in Europe”, but it’s no more, than an advertising trick. The Boka Kotorska bay is the river canyon which has left in the ancient time under water. So in that reason the bay is quite deep, and the bottom at the coast sharply goes down.

The deep water and lack of constant currents do the bay by extremely convenient harbor for navigation. From the ancient time locals lived by sea-trade, and today in a bay there are several passengers and cargo ports. The Boka Kotorska bay consists of several gulfs called in honor of the nearby cities: the Herceg-Novi’s gulf, the Tivat’s gulf, the Kotor’s gulf, the Morin’s gulf and the Risan’s gulf.

Beautiful quay of the Boka Kotorska bay

If to begin to study history of this place, then we will see that life in the bay always is in full swing. The economy and navigation developed, the cities were under construction, temples and industrial facilities were built. So the tidbit of the coast interested many empires and military operations here were the constant phenomenon.

But frequent change of governors left unique architectural monuments of different styles and eras in many cities. The modern cities of Kotor, Perast, Risan and Herceg-Novi are the popular tourist centers attracting numerous guests and spiritual pilgrims – ancient Orthodox Christians and Catholic churches.

Interesting places of the bay

In the territory of the bay there are several interesting islands: Gospa od Shkrpel, Saint Georgy, Saint Marko and Gospa od Milo. Also there are other sights in underwater part – caves and the ships of various eras lying at the bottom available to diving fans.

In the middle of a bay there are several interesting islands

This place for whom who search quiet and peaceful sea coast without strong waves and streams. In parts of Tivat and Herceg-Novi are located many excellent sandy and pebble beaches where it’s possible to enjoy of sunbaths and swimming. And in some places, such as Prchan and Igalo, rest at water can be combined with medical procedures.

It is possible to come to have a rest to any town of the Boka Kotorska bay coast. Also you can rent a car, yacht or just use a bus to travel around the bay. And then you will be able to see all beauty of the coast.

Navigation in a bay is well under way

Bird's-eye view on a Boka Kotorska bay

And enjoy of the charm of ancient towns with own eyes in which rest is filled with regularity and tranquility. Time seems has stopped somewhere very far and doesn’t hurry to resume the continuous run. In such place there is a wish to have a rest as long as possible – week, month, all life.