Vlsub downloads subtitles for you Movies automatically

Today I am going to show you the method where the subtitles for you movies will be downloaded in your VLC media player automatically using Vlsub.

VlC media player is a quite popular media player these which is used by 90% of the people. But only a few of them knows about its hidden functionalities like one which i am going to tell you that is using Vlsub to add subtitles automatically for your movies.

But why would you even need Subtitles?

Subtitles become necessary if you are watching Television Series of Sherlock Holmes then it is clearly advisable to have Subtitles with you for understanding that. Subtitles often add a Taste while watching movie because all of us don’t Catch the Slang easily.

Subtitles adding become a cumbersome task when you have your whole Hard Disk full of movies and Tv Serials without Subtitles in it. There you require feautres like Vslab which lets you automatically add Subtitles to your movies or Serial, let you enjoy your movie hassle free.

Steps to add Subtitles automatically using Vlsub

  • Download Vlsub extension from the VLC media player Site or here
  • Go to the C:Program Files (x86)/VideoLAN/VLC/lua
  • Create a New Folder named “extensions”
  • The Vlsub extension you downloaded was in the Zip format
  • Extract that file into the extension folder you created

You have successfully added the Vlsub extension. Now it’s time to run that.

  • Go to VLC Media player and run it
  • Click the view Option from its Menu Bar
  • Click the “Vlsub“present at the bottom of your list
  • Enter the Details of your Movie or Tv Serial
  • Download the appropriate Subtitles and enjoy

I think now you know how to add Subtitles to your Movies using Vlsub extensions. If you any doubts related to this article then Comment below in the box, and feel free to express your queries.

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