Wikipedia working on Secret Project

Well, It had been long that there were rumors that Wikipedia is building its own search engine . The news has come somewhat true. Wikipedia has now accepted that it is working on research, testing and analyzing User Search Habits. They are saying that it will help them Showcase their Free Content to the Users more easily thereby Supplying Information what Users Searched for.

Although Wikipedia has Completely Denied that They are not building a Search Engine like Google or Yahoo.

The news came into confirmation when Wikipedia Received the 2.5 million Funds from Knight’s Foundation. Google,Yahoo seeing it working on projects like that could also make them invest on a new project for developing Search Engine.

Here is what Kolbe said:

Its gung-ho ‘We’re building a search engine!’ content is a bit of a bombshell for the volunteer community. They were led to believe it was just about getting a central search function to find stuff spread out across the various Wikimedia sites, with OpenStreetMap thrown in perhaps… Volunteers feel WMF management has purposely kept them out of the loop.